About me

1988 Nationally certified fashion designer, Lette-Verein, Berlin
1996 Qualified painting conservator, Palazzo Spinelli, Florenz

I’ve been living in Hamburg for more than twenty years and work as an artist and costume designer. My paintings reflect my passion for the ocean in its intensity and inconsistency,  the moment between beauty and menace, the evanescence of moments and how we as people see ourselves in it.

Currently I’m feeling drawn away from the coastal fog and in to the dry desert of Nevada where the “Burning Man Festival” takes place, an art event which pulls 70.000 people every year into a surreal “Mad Max”-like world.  It is here that human vanity and antagonism disappear in to the dust storm along with their traces in the sand.

In 2020 I will be working as an instructor for artistravel: https://www.artistravel.eu/dozenten/anne-boeddeker.html

Expositions (Selection)

2018 “Horizonte”, Teemuseum Norden
2017 “Meeresleuchten”, Kulturhaus Sylt, Keitum
2016 Art Sylt, represented by Kunsthaus Artes
2016 Nissis Kunstkantine, Hafencity Hamburg
2015 Gallery Lichtblick, Binz on Rügen
2015 Gallery Stadtgarten, North, Ostfriesland
2009 Art society North, Ostfriesland
2005 Kaamphüs, Sylt
2001 Museum of Modern Arts, Tornio, Finnland

Photo: Marco Drews